Thursday, March 8, 2012

Design Your Own Magic Tricks

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Are you fond of watching the videos of David Blaine and Chris Angel extraordinary magic tricks? Well, you can also make your own magic tricks; all you need is to comprehend every basic magic tactics.

Most of the people think that magicians have a lot of magic tricks, but on reality there are only a few of it. The author of The Trick Brain named Dariel Fitzkee says that, there are only nineteen essential effects which oversee all the magic tricks and illusions. And all of these rely on the magical tools that a magician has. Most of the items you will see are true but greater part of it are due to the magicians tricks and faked magical effects.

Among the nineteen magical effects of every magician only three are the basic steps to oversee the rest. A magic trick is composed of the following: camouflage, secret movement, mechanical and transformation. A camouflage trick is one of the most fundamental tricks of a magician. From the smallest up to the biggest apparatus that they use, an object will look smaller and the viewer might be amazed on how did the magician do it; it is the power of using camouflage trick. This kind of trick is use to hide or make things disappear by simply covering it up with the aid of some people.

If you wonder why an object appears and disappears in just a snap of the magician's fingers, then this is what the magicians call a secret movement. Like for example a magician raises an empty box to the audience, as he closes the door a certain screen would drop down and when he opens it again you will be seeing lions, horses or even a dog that would appear. The most common trick among the magic is the floating card, wherein a magician will spin cards to his body and then floats it between his hands. Viewers will then get amazed about the trick but if they only knew that it is the invisible thread that governs the movement of magician's body, then surely they will not be stunned. As a viewer all you need to do is to give a keen observation in every movement so you can see the trick.

The last trick will be the mechanical transformation. It comes with various samples, like when a magician takes a blue scarf from his hand and then pass it through something or to a tube, when comes out it turns red or it will transform to any shapes. Basic magic tricks are simple to understand if and only if you are interested upon doing it so. By the help of the three basic steps mentioned earlier, you can now propagate your own magic tricks as you wanted that would appear as unique as a professional magician.

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