Monday, February 18, 2013

Magic Tricks - Impressing Friends and Family

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Learning a magic trick does not have to be difficult. Although you typically see some of the finest magicians and illusionist performing incredible feats, you too can impress family and friends with basic tricks. You might not expect to perform on the same level as David Blaine or David Copperfield but with commitment and the right resources, you can do some amazing things. The great thing about magic is that even some of the simple tricks are fascinating and often difficult to figure out to the person watching.

If you are interested in learning a magic trick, you first need to understand the basic rules. Remember, part of any magic trick is the way in which it is performed, meaning keeping mystery alive. However, if you do not capture the respect of the people by taking time to learn the trick but also practice the trick until you have it down to a fine art, part of the effect and integrity are lost.

For starters, even if the magic trick is simple, never tell anyone how you did it. Keeping your trick a secret is what makes it so exciting. Once you get your magic trick perfect, people will ask how you did it. At this point, you need to be polite but firm, stating something as ?Sorry, I never give out my secrets.? Usually, people will back off or rib you a little but on occasion, you might have someone that pushes the issue. If this happens, simply remind yourself that keeping the magic trick secret is part of the game.

Another important rule associated with magic is to perform only when conditions are optimal. In other words, if you were to go to a party and someone were to mention that you do magic, choose only the tricks that you know you can do spontaneously. Although it might be tempting to start doing trick after trick, becoming bolder with each, know your limits. This way, you can impress people with just one or two magic tricks rather than bomb by a failed attempt at the third or fourth trick.

The key, even with family and friends, is to leave people wanting to see more. As with anything, be humble, allowing the magic trick to speak for you rather than brag about how great you are, only to make a major mistake. If you were interested in building a career with magic, knowing when to stop and when to keep going is a fine line that needs to be learned. As stated, it would be far better to know one magic trick to perfection than to know 20 so-so. In time, you can expand on this one magic trick, learning a second, and a third, also perfecting them.

To become good with any magic, even the basics, you need to dedicate time to practice. Most magic tricks use sleight of hand, movements so precise and quick that the eye does not see them. The result to the audience is having the belief that some amazing thing just happened. However, to reach this point, even if you have just one magic trick, you will need to spend months honing your skill. To be successful with any magic trick, never compromise your standards.

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