Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awesome Magic Tricks Using Cards

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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There are millions of ways to perform a magic trick where your main prop is a deck of cards. In fact, when researching the history of card magic tricks, you will find that card tricks were among the first illusions to make its way to the limelight. Some believe that the era of poker and the activity of cheating in a poker game are partly, or mostly, the reason card tricks and illusions were practiced in the first place.

Enough of the boring history lesson and on with the many card tricks that are well known today. One of the oldest magic tricks yet still enjoyed by many is the "Pull the cards from the air" trick. For this trick you only need a few cards, not a whole deck. First off, you hold the cards in your palm in a horizontal position. Then, while gripping the cards firmly use your thumb to flick out the top card. Continue the same motion to grab the card and flip the card up and show off to your audience. Just make sure when you go to flip the card up for your onlookers to see that you thrust out your hand a little bit, as if you were pulling it out of the air itself. Ta da! You have performed one of many awesome magic tricks.

Next on the list is the old and still favored trick of the torn up card that gets restored. You begin with a little bit of preparation for your card trick. Rip off a little bit, about a fourth, of a playing card that is the same suit and color as the card that you want to appear to be destroyed.

You start by taking the card you and folding it into fourths. Let your audience know that this step makes it easier to tear the card evenly. The extra torn card piece should be placed on the side of the card that is facing you and held there by your thumb. Then you rip the card from the top middle to the center following the crease you made earlier but don't fully rip it off.

Be sly about it and slide the extra ripped piece up casting the illusion that that is the piece that was ripped off. Do that same move over and over again, each time showing off the extra torn piece as the piece that has been ripped off, all the while never ripping the card that had initially been folded. Then you can fan out the semi-ripped card to show to your audience.

Ask a volunteer to grab the pieces of torn card then set it on the table while you slip the extra piece out and hide it somewhere. Now the members of your audience can inspect all they want because the card is completely whole.

There are many other awesome magic tricks using cards as the main prop and you can enjoy plenty of them by searching on the internet. So go ahead and practice your awesome magic tricks and show off to your friends what you have learned!

Michael is an expert magician who has been performing as a professional magician for more than 20 years. He is also the founder of where it is his goal to teach awesome magic tricks to everyone. He covers all types of awesome magic tricks like card magic tricks.

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Design Your Own Magic Tricks

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Are you fond of watching the videos of David Blaine and Chris Angel extraordinary magic tricks? Well, you can also make your own magic tricks; all you need is to comprehend every basic magic tactics.

Most of the people think that magicians have a lot of magic tricks, but on reality there are only a few of it. The author of The Trick Brain named Dariel Fitzkee says that, there are only nineteen essential effects which oversee all the magic tricks and illusions. And all of these rely on the magical tools that a magician has. Most of the items you will see are true but greater part of it are due to the magicians tricks and faked magical effects.

Among the nineteen magical effects of every magician only three are the basic steps to oversee the rest. A magic trick is composed of the following: camouflage, secret movement, mechanical and transformation. A camouflage trick is one of the most fundamental tricks of a magician. From the smallest up to the biggest apparatus that they use, an object will look smaller and the viewer might be amazed on how did the magician do it; it is the power of using camouflage trick. This kind of trick is use to hide or make things disappear by simply covering it up with the aid of some people.

If you wonder why an object appears and disappears in just a snap of the magician's fingers, then this is what the magicians call a secret movement. Like for example a magician raises an empty box to the audience, as he closes the door a certain screen would drop down and when he opens it again you will be seeing lions, horses or even a dog that would appear. The most common trick among the magic is the floating card, wherein a magician will spin cards to his body and then floats it between his hands. Viewers will then get amazed about the trick but if they only knew that it is the invisible thread that governs the movement of magician's body, then surely they will not be stunned. As a viewer all you need to do is to give a keen observation in every movement so you can see the trick.

The last trick will be the mechanical transformation. It comes with various samples, like when a magician takes a blue scarf from his hand and then pass it through something or to a tube, when comes out it turns red or it will transform to any shapes. Basic magic tricks are simple to understand if and only if you are interested upon doing it so. By the help of the three basic steps mentioned earlier, you can now propagate your own magic tricks as you wanted that would appear as unique as a professional magician.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Learn a Magic Trick!

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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I've never considered myself particularly clever. I'm not very good at figuring out how things work, but I have always been curious. Something that never failed to catch my attention was magicians, and how they perform their amazing tricks. After a lot of wondering, I finally took action and did something about it. Surprisingly, it was a lot easier to learn a magic trick than I would have thought.

Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can.

It turns out there are only two main things to remember. The first is to remind yourself that what you are doing is really just acting. You have to be aware that you are a showman on a stage, so the way you comport yourself is very important. You've got everyone's attention, you should show your confidence and prowess with a loud voice and grand, sweeping gestures.

The next thing to remember is what trick you are doing. This is actually the easy part, if you've taken a little time to learn a magic trick already. You should have the trick practiced enough that you can do it almost without thinking. As I said, most of your energy will be spent on how you act, so it's important to have an illusion that you are very comfortable with.

The best way to be sure that you can perform under pressure is to learn it well. Sometimes this takes a lot of practice, but in other cases you can expect to learn a magic trick in only a few attempts. Some of the most convincing illusions fall into this category. A good teacher helps, too. Study from Bryan Dean, the author Learn Easy Magic. He teaches some of the most convincing tricks around. Spend a few fun minutes and learn a magic trick!

Bob Senton can make anything (except your dating history and credit record) disappear! He runs the popular website CoolMagicTricksOnline.Com as an online resource for magicians and would-be magicians who want to learn a magic trick or two. Check out the site now!

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Do it Like David! - Street Magic Tips and Tricks

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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What is the best part of Las Vegas? Is it the scantily clad girls? Is it the barkers and boxers, decked out and trying to get your attention? Is it the money and the gambling, the singers and performers? For some people, maybe, but not for you. You know that the best part of that big city is the magic, and I'm not talking about a feel in the air. I'm talking about honest, hard working professional performers, who combine all of the aforementioned elements of Vegas into their own dazzling routine.

Think of seasoned conjurers like Criss Angel and David Blaine. Wouldn't you like to perform like David? Street magic is the next big thing, and now is your chance to get in on the ground floor.

Confined for a long time to the stage, magic is making a resurgence as a popular street amusement. If you are interested in furthering your career as a performer, or even if you've never done a magic trick before but you'd like to start, the sidewalk stage has something to offer everyone. You could be the next David! Street magic could help make you a success!

The best places to learn this sort of magic are few and far between. Despite the popularity in the mainstream media, magicians are a tight lipped crowd. They are in no rush to spill the beans about their best tricks. But there are some, like Bryan Dean and his Learn Easy Magic series, who are interested in helping make the next David. Street magic isn't for everyone, but if you apply yourself and practice, you too can captivate a crowd of strangers, and make them believe in magic again!

Forget Jaffar! Forget the wicked witch of the west! Bob Senton can show you better stuff as he turns David street magic. Bob used to work as a magician. He knows just about every magic trick in the book. Discover the amazing world of magic and mentalism when you check out CoolMagicTricksOnline.Com now!

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