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Easy Magic Tricks - No Assumptions

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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This easy magic trick will show you how to do a simple card trick and teach your friends not to make assumptions.

The Trick: You happen to be in a room with a group of friends and a pack of cards. Here's how to make some easy money out of them with a simple card trick. Start by asking someone to pick any card from the deck, show the rest of the people in the room and then slide the card back into the pack. You shuffle the deck and then start turning the cards over one by one until you see the card that your friend choose. At this point you bet everyone in the room a certain amount of money, perhaps $1 or $5, that the next card you turn over will be the one that was originally selected.

As the selected card has already been turned up, at least one of your friends will assume that they can't lose and accept the bet.

Once the bet is made, you simply turn over the card on top of the pile of cards that have already been revealed and collect your winnings.

The Explanation: Right, for all of you who can't figure out how to do this trick, here's what happens.

Take a normal pack of playing cards, shuffle them well, fan them out and ask one of your friends to pick a card. At this stage it doesn't matter what card they select. Unlike many card tricks you don't have to use sleight of hand to force them to choose the card of your choice.

Once they've taken a card, it's a good idea to ask them to show it to the rest of the people in the room. This will increase the chances of someone accepting your bet later on. After everyone except you has seen the card, shuffle the rest of the pack, cut it in the middle and let the person return their card to the pack.

This is the key to the trick. When you separate the pack to let them return the card, take a subtle look at the card that will be placed on top of their card when you put the pack together. Make sure nobody sees you doing this. This is where the ability to keep talking to distract your audience comes in useful.

Once you've placed the pack together, cut the deck a number of times, making sure that you take note of the bottom card after the last cut. If it's the card that was on top of the selected card cut the pack once more. This will make sure that your card is put back on top of the selected card.

Put the deck face down on the table and start turning the cards over one by one. Keep going until you see the card that you made a note of appear and then turn one more card (this will be the card that was originally selected by your friend). Make it look as though you're about to turn the next card, then stop and bet anyone in the room a certain amount of money that the next card you turn over will be the one that was initially chosen.

As soon as somebody accepts the bet, turn the selected card face down and collect your winnings.

To learn more easy magic tricks, visit Lucas Da Silva's site at www.SuperMagicTricks.com.

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Magic Tricks And Kids - A Great Combination

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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It's always enjoyable performing magic tricks for an appreciative audience. Once you get a few magic tricks under your belt, you'll be hooked on performing your craft because there is something really rewarding when a well executed magic trick leaves your audience in disbelief and applauding all at the same time... and that's the real magic.

The element of doubt in the mind of your audience is the key to a good magic trick. Just a dab of doubt and you can see the people in your audience start to question their rational... and for that moment the illusion is truly magical.

Being in touch with your audience is the showmanship part of the magic trick and is vitally important. It is also the most fun part as a performer. The look in their eyes, their laughter all make it worthwhile.

When you first start out performing magic tricks, there is a good chance that the bulk of your audiences will be comprised of children. In the eyes of the kids your tricks will truly be magical and the look of the faces and the giggles from the children are a reward like no other.

A child's imagination and the art of a magic trick are a wonderful combination. A child's imagination is a wonderful enhancement to any magic trick. It's that unique and innocent perception of the world that kids have that make performing magic tricks for them all the more rewarding.

Even something as simple as the disappearing coin trick will have kids giggling with joy as you first make the coin disappear then reappear from one of the children's ears. They'll love and beg you to do even more with them! And if you can't get hooked on the innocent reaction of children then you can't get hooked at all.

The best part about performing magic tricks for kids is that kids just know how to be kids... after all that's exactly what they are. And magic to kids is just that... magic. I mean... after all... what is the major draw to Disney World for kids... well... Magic Kingdom... of course!

If you are just taking up learning a few magic tricks, an audience full of kids is a great way to get started. And even though you may decide to take your magic tricks to even higher heights, you'll never have a better audience than a room full of young children.

So don't worry about starting small... as in kids... you'll probably find that you'll always enjoy working your magic with the kids.

For more information on magic tricks be sure to visit http://www.magic.web-sitings.com where you will find advice and tips on card tricks, coin tricks, magic spells, and how you can start dazzling your audiences.

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Online Marketing Guru Tricks - How They Do Their Magic Tricks

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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If you ever were to look in a top marketer?s closet do you ever wonder what you would find? I mean his business closet of course. You see, since I became an online marketer I got to see how the magic tricks were done. Let me share with you my observations.

Next time you see a marketer just think of him as an encyclopedia of tricks & techniques. Usually there made up of only that. This is shown all over their campaigns when you look at their landing pages & promotional material. It?s all tricks & info here & there that were given to them and told it converts well. Most of the stuff isn?t even coming from them aside perhaps their profile photo.

Here?s what I?ve seen them use.


These messages are right on the border of spam just if you hadn?t signed up to their list. They then take advantage of your email for the chance to blast you with the latest best using every trick in the book to make you ?convert? into a sale. Most marketer?s consider their subscriber base as numbers and digits (I can hear them saying ?hey can you guys send that $200 promotion to list 43 and make sure the site background is blue?).

Ways to avoid? Simple. Subscribe and get off their list if every day seems like a repeat of yesterday?s super offer. The unsubscribe process is easy and they don?t sell your email to anyone. Don?t get sucked into their tricks and purchase blindly in result.

I can love my product, talk about it and want people to use it because of the difference it makes but I?m not going to send them to sales pages telling me that they only have until midnight EST tomorrow night to the price goes up. I know this is the sense of urgency technique but there is a limit to how much it can be used and it is used too much.

So in summary choose only honest and integral marketer?s that have an interest in helping you win opposed to bank wasting perfectly good paper to print and mail you your account bills.

Some won?t catch on to these tricks in the beginning and you might probably make a reasonable amount of money but it?s just a matter of time before the people see right through you and see your objections and agenda for being in business (money being the sole priority I mean).

This is a new business approach & will continue to produce massive results.

Success with Dorian Oddi. Design the way you want to live and the goals you want to achieve and let me show you the exact clear cut path to getting there.

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Hire a Magician ? Definitions and Tips

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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For a lot of people the last time they wanted a magician at their party was when they were 8 years old but magicians dont just work for children. Adults have always been a great audience for magic because they have defined critical thinking. They know it isnt real magic but if the performer does his job right he can bring about the childlike state of wonder in an adult. A good magician can bring you right back to experience the fuzzy feeling you had as a kid when your grandfather pulled a coin out of your ear.

There are 3 types of magic that are most often hired for events where adults are in the majority.

Close-up magic (the most popular choice for people hiring magicians)

Cabaret shows

Drawing room shows

Close-up magic is often seen at cocktail parties where the magician mingles amongst the guests performing miracles with borrowed objects and simple objects he has on him. He works without a table and uses people hands when he needs to. This is an excellent choice if all the guests will be standing with drinks and eating finger food.

Another type of close-up magic that is closely related to strolling magic is table magic. Table magic is performed between the courses at dinners, wedding breakfasts, balls and banquets. You are more likely to see a short (between 3 8 minutes) mini cabaret act that has a structured feel to it. The magician may use the table but it will be as unobtrusive as possible because at banquets there is a premium on table real estate.

Close-up magicians are being hired more and more for Trade Shows to draw people to the stand with customised magic presentations. Presentations are designed to showcase the features and benefits of the stand they are representing but with amazing magic and not just dry sales pitches.

Cabaret Shows are a great way for a lot for people to see some great magic in a relatively short space of time. Often a close-up magician who has performed strolling/table magic before hand will also do a 20 minute cabaret act after dinner.

There are many different styles of cabaret magician - comedy, traditional manipulation act to music, mind reading etc. The type of event you are organizing will dictate the type of cabaret magician you will require. If you would like lots of audience participation and laughter go for a comedy magician, if there will be lots of non-English speakers present then go for a visual act like the manipulator and if it is a very business orientated environed maybe a mind reader would be more suited.

You also see cabaret magicians at comedy clubs, cruise ships and also occasionally at motivational events where the magic is combined with a motivational speech.

Drawing room shows were almost a dead art for nearly a 100 years. They were immensely popular with the Victorians where the gentry would all gather to watch a conjurer perform magic. In recent years it is coming back into fashion at private parties where a magician may perform after dinner for 30 minutes or so. This is a taste of days gone by and is close enough for apparently no shenanigans to be going on yet far enough away to use larger effects for everyone to see. This kind of show is most related to a cabaret show but the effects are smaller and it is more interactive as the audience in only a few feet away.

When choosing a professional magician it is important to choose wisely as in any industry there are cowboys.

Questions you may like to ask any prospective performer you are engaging are...

How long have you been a professional?

Some magicians may seem great on paper but as all know paper doesnt refuse ink. Experience is the key in this industry so make sure they have cut their teeth.

Can I see you perform?

The answer depends on the type of performer you are considering engaging. If its a cabaret magician he may well work at comedy clubs where you can go and see him perform and close-up magicians often work at hotels, restaurants and bars as the resident entertainer several times a week. If its open to the public then go and see them work. However if the performer works mainly at corporate events, weddings and/or trade shows you may find it impossible to see him work live as these are closed events.

Have you got a brochure/video I can see?

Most professional performers will have promotional kits including photographs, video and brochure. A good promo kit doesnt mean they are a good magician, it may just mean they know somebody who works at a printing press. A cheap and tatty looking promo kit doesnt definitely mean the performer is bad, but it does show a lack of professionalism and that is a warning sign. In this day and age some performers have no hard copy for promotional use as it dates so quickly so there website acts as the brochure. If the website looks like it was made from cut outs of magazines then they are not interested in making a good first impression. Would you trust somebody who didnt make a good first impression at your event?

Does the price include VAT and any other charges?

When in negotiations dont forget to clarify if there as any other expense other than fee quoted.

What magic tricks do you do?

You should be able to gain a good idea of the style of the magician from any online or hardcopy brochure but if you want to know what kind of effects he/she performs go ahead and ask!

Are you a member of any magic societies or performer bodies?

Many magicians will be members of different magic clubs around the world. In the UK the most prestigious is the The Magic Circle where there are only 1500 hundred members world wide and you have to perform in front of experienced peers to gain membership. Again in the UK you will find many magicians are members of Equity the performs union which is another sign of their professionalism.

Have you got any referees I could phone?

This may seem like a reasonable question but a lot of magicians work mainly in the corporate area and are not permitted to pass out the contact details of their bookers. You should be able to see testimonials and letters from clients on the websites/brochures. Of course the best way is personal recommendation; ask friends if they have ever hired a magician.

Have you got public liability insurance?

This is crucial. The magician will be in close contact to your guests and maybe borrowing objects from them for effects. You dont want to end up with a magician who isnt covered!

I hope this all helps to give you a better idea of the different types of magic that are available for you to hire for your next event and what to look out for when hiring.

Noel Qualter

Noel Qualter - I'm a 28 year old full time professional close-up magician in London, UK. Magic has been my life since I was a young child and I am delighted to be able to make my career from something I love. I have been a full time magician for 5 years and I work at corporate events, banquets, balls, private parties and weddings performing sleight of hand magic. I work all over the UK and internationally. If you'd like to know anything more about me you can find out more at my website http://www.noelqualter.com.

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3 Secrets Of Magicians

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Magicians have their secrets but they won't tell. It's a sworn oath for magicians not to tell the audience how a trick is done. There are 3 secrets though that they've shared all throughout the years. Here are their 3 secrets.

The first secret is that some tricks are done through sleight of hand. These are ways with which they skillfully hide an object and make it reappear on another hand. New magicians hide things up their sleeves. Those are old tricks and very few used them now.

Sleights of hand require a lot of practice to master. Beginners of magic use specially created gimmicks to create the illusion. Professional magicians make use of their impressive sleight of hand. It requires a lot of time, patience and hand coordination to fully understand and do.

Another secret is the art of misdirection. See this blank paper? And as audience looks at the blank paper, he is carefully getting another piece with his other hand. This is misdirection. Another type of misdirection is the kind that doesn't let the audience see what's really causing the tricks. You might have seen that a magician has a lot of assistants who also do incredible stuff, but what you didn't know is that they are helping the magician perform the magic just with their presence.

Another kind of misdirection is the appropriate use of words. For example, a magician will tell you to look at the 'empty' box. We tend to look at the box as empty just because he said it. This causes our mind to wonder when the magician gets a rabbit out of it.

Misdirection takes a lot of practice and lots of time in planning. It requires body coordination (one body doing something while the other is doing another thing) and quick thinking. Misdirection is an art and magicians are proud of it.

Another secret is their patter or a magician's constant talk. Misdirection is achieved mostly because of patter. The magician will ask you to look at his right hand and as you are looking, you won't notice what his left hand is doing. This is a really clever way to achieve the illusion that what happens next becomes so magical with the wink of an eye.

Patter usually takes the form of a story, where a magician will tell you of something that happened to him someday. Sometimes it's so funny that we actually forget to look at what their hands are doing or what their assistants are giving them.

Preston Houer has been involved with the art of illusion and sleight of hand for over 30 years. Let Preston show you how to Have Fun With Magic. Visit His Site Today! http://www.have-fun-with-magic.com

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