Friday, November 25, 2011

Help Me Get Over My Ex "Magic" Trick

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Looking for some help to get over your ex girlfriend or boyfriend? You may think that you are ready to move on and get over your love but the truth is, it is not going to be easy. Love and hate are emotions that do not just go away instantly.

Getting over a broken heart is often a slow process. You might think you're over the relationship after a year or so. Then you accidentally meet the person in some fated place. It all starts. The pain and sadness sinks right back in.

This is probably the best time to wish for a "magic" button. Just press it and you won't have to feel anything anymore. But it doesn't work that way. The more you have invested into the relationship the harder it is. Then you find yourself asking once again, "How do you get over someone you love?"

Popular Tip On Relationship Break Ups

Remove everything around that reminds you of the person especially if the break up is new. Don't go to the places you both used to frequent. This is pretty much what everybody does when trying to get over someone so I guess, it's worth a try. I know, no matter what you do, it still hurts.

But you know what, I have something to share with you and I know it will help a lot. "This too shall pass". These are the "magic" words. We may not have a button but we can certainly do with this.

Feel everything you are feeling right now. Let the pain sink in. Get hurt. Then say out loud, "This too shall pass". You make yourself realize that fact. Believe it or not, you will heal.

Break ups never get easier no matter how many times you go through with it.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you believe you deserve a second chance, find out how you can get your ex back.

Learn the critical first moves, visit today!

"Impossible is just a word" - Aileen

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Professionalism While Handling Magic Tricks

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Professional Magician:

It is no child's play to make the large number of onlookers to believe that they have witnessed something which is beyond the human's natural powers. With the advent of latest technology, the profession of magicians has become more challenging. If a professional magician does not shake the beliefs of the onlookers and audience, he/she can never be considered as 'amazing' magicians. Though most of the top magicians will brush it off saying that it is never hard to perform onstage, the hard work that goes behind the onstage performance is very crucial. Decades before even a simple trick would have amazed the audience. But with increased awareness among the onlookers about the tricky techniques used by the magicians, none can pull a lousy magic trick. Imagine, the individual demonstrating the magic tricks must quickly and carefully surpass the suspicious eyes of the onlookers who watch out for any signs which will reveal the 'magic' of the trick. This instruction stands good for anyone who wishes to do even the simplest of magic tricks - be professional while performing the tricks. Mastering this art of expertise to gain control of the attention of the onlookers will require personal advice from the professional magicians and tons of practice.

Tips while Performing Magic Tricks:

Every magic trick has a scientific explanation behind it. But it is termed as 'magic' only because the audience are unable to fathom the reasons behind tricks. Anyone who wishes to be a magician by profession or just wants to perform the simpler tricks to entertain private audience, learning the tactics of professionalism is essential. Mastering the basic tricks completely before switching to the more complex ones will be very helpful. This is because if one knows the tactics of hiding their efforts while performing the magical tricks then they can proceed confidently into larger arenas. Constant practice is the key as it will be lousy if the magician fumbles with the tricks because he/she forgot the exact procedure.

Few Renowned Professional Magicians:

There are few magicians who awed the entire world with their magic tricks, some of which remain unsolved till date. Listed here are handfuls of those noted ones. Who can forget David Copperfield who made the Statue of Liberty disappear with thousands of audience witnessing the magic? Sigfried & Roy rocked the magical world with their white Siberian tigers. They continued to impress the crowds with their awesome magic all through their career for many years. David Blaine is also famous in the history of magic who had performed unsolved tricks with the cards and illusions which made many believe that perhaps 'magic' did exist. There are several others who may not have received the well publicized recognitions but they enthralled their audiences. The most commonly performed magic tricks by the professionals are making persons or places disappear momentarily, cutting people into half and joining them back, reading the mind of particular onlooker and so on.

Thus with a touch of professionalism, one can excel in magic tricks.

Ross Quadee, the author of many articles regarding Various topics is working on randy charach and you can find randy charach here. It's fast and easy.

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Sampling a Few Magic Tricks From the Kits

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Magic Trick Kits

The innumerable magic trick kits are attractive to the ones interested in learning tricks more than the common card and coin tricks. As everyone must be aware the cards and the coin tricks are the most popular ones in addition to the other assortments of magic tricks. The coin based tricks can be at times easier than those based on the cards as the individual should learn to handle the cards smartly. The shuffling of the cards in a desired manner to perform the trick is very essential. Sometimes the 'magician' has to manage the trick by working on 2 -3 cards while pretending to fiddle only with one card. But some cards can be modified specially of the magic tricks, like covering one half of the card with half of another card etc. Some of the famous magic tricks of the magic kits are Vanishing coin trick, Eggcup trick, and the Broken Pencil trick. In short, these magic kits contain items specially designed to do the 'magic' like the ball connected to the string which stops at one's word and continues at 'Go'. The trick is the string is designed such a way that the person saying 'stop' stretches the string tightly at that moment and the ball stops. On relaxing the grip, the ball continues to move down.

Disappearing Coin Trick

The same trick of making a coin 'disappear' as the audiences are witnessing it can be done in several ways. Suggested here is one such manner in which a glass, colored paper and handkerchief is used. The glass has to be pasted with the colored paper exactly matching the shade of the sheet over which the glass is placed upside down. The trick is to place a coin on the colored sheet and inform that the coin is going to disappear. After displaying the presence of the coin, cover it with the handkerchief. While pulling out the handkerchief, move the glass over the coin without anyone noticing it. And lo! The coin would have 'disappeared' under the magical kerchief.

Reading One's Mind

This can be easy with prior preparation and careful steps to hide the actions from the onlookers. Use a clear tape to be wound around the thumb with the sticky part outside. A piece of lead can be carefully placed on the inner side of the thumb, stuck to the tape. Pretend to write on a paper initially while nothing is being written. Have two boxes filled with cards containing shapes in one and numbers in the other box. Ask one of the audience to pick one card from each, showing the onlookers the shape and the number they have selected. Surprise everyone by showing them the paper on which you had 'written' earlier which contains the shape and number chosen by the person. The trick is to jolt down the shape and the number on the paper with the lead as the person displays it to the audience but pretending to be watching them.

Ross Quadee, the author of many articles regarding Various topics is working on randy charach and you can find randy charach here. It's fast and easy.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Fun With Magic Tricks For Kids

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Kids and magic tricks for kids just seem to go together. There's nothing quite like watching the wonder on a child's face when you pull a quarter out from behind his ear, or can show the exact card that your daughter picked, or make a small ivory ball disappear from a little vase.

And the next best thing to impressing your kid with your magical skills is to introduce them to how to do the tricks themselves, so they can impress their friends. Of course, you'll want to make it clear to your kids that you're teaching them secret techniques that they're not to share with their friends - some people really see joy in "knowing how things are done" - to others, it would simply ruin the trick.

One thing about teaching your kids how to do magic is that they'll need to learn more than just doing the magic trick. They'll also have to learn how to do the "patter," the dialog that helps them "sell" the trick to their friends. They'll need to practice the trick, and practice the patter, and be prepared to extemporize should a trick go wrong.

That's where the parents come in. Parents and kids working together to develop a routine is the best way to teach children magic tricks for kids. After all, to really impress a kid's friends, it should be more than just one trick! Time to hold a magic show in the backyard and invite all the friends over to see the act!

Where can a kid go to see a live show of magic tricks for kids these days? You hardly ever see them on TV, but there's country fairs, the local Renaissance Festival, the occasional touring magic show - although these are unfortunately few and far between, and kids putting on their own shows for their friends - part of the innocence of childhood.

Thinking of mastering a magic strategy? You can't apprentice to David Blaine but you can certainly read Bob Senton. Bob writes about magic lessons, magic tricks, and mentalism. He provides useful tips and honest advice on all things magic-related. Check out his blog CoolMagicTricksOnline.Com now!

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How to Do the Switching Cards Magic Trick Explanation

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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The magician asks for one of the spectators to cut the deck into four sections any way that they choose. He then takes one of the sections, put the top three cards onto the bottom, and deals out the top four into each one of the piles. The process is repeated until all of the sections have dealt out the cards. Now at the climax, the top cards of each stack is turned over, and is revealed that the aces found there way to the top of each pile, keeping in mind all of the precautions taken to ensure the deck was scrambled up.

So how is this great trick performed? The secret is simple: a double-card lift. If you don't already know how to perform a double-card grip, you will need to learn one now, as several card tricks require it.

All you need to do is put one card on top of another while making it look like just one; this is much easier to do if you slightly bend the card back.Once you've got the double-card lift down, you're going to need to apply it to the trick. You will also need to memorize the top card.

Ask for the spectator to choose any card that they want, memorize it, and not show it to you. While they are doing that, (and it might only take about a second) you will need to slightly raise the card with your pinky.

Now that your spectator is content, take the card from them, and very quickly place it under the top card. This will take some practice, but that's not exactly what your audience is looking for, and thus you will most likely get by with it.

Using a double-card lift, show the audience their card, with the top card on top so that they know it is still there. Set both cards back down on the deck, and slide off the real top card, and tell your spectator to keep it under their hand; remember, right now they think they are keeping the card they choose under their hand, while it is really still on the top of the deck.

Lift up the back of the spectator's chosen card so that only you can see it saying something like, "Okay, the next card is the [fill in card]." In a casual movement, wave the chosen card over the spectator's hand, and tell them the two have just switched. They will now discover that what you say is true.

Hey, my name is Alex Rowe. I got into magic tricks several years ago, and have decided that it is now time for me to share my knowledge with others. It is for this reason that I have created the website []. At the moment, the website has just been born, but am asking that people will submit their own magic tricks so that I can create a larger directory.

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Magic Kits - A Great Gift For the Adventurous Kid

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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We are always clamoring about to get the best gift for our kids -- stuffed toys and cute ribbons for the girls, and toy cars and robots for the boys. But these don't spark enough creativity to hone the minds of our children. You need something that give them a lot fun and will help them practice their creativity to the fullest.

One such gift you can give to your children is a magic kit. Instead of going for a playing cards that disappear or strings that the audience can't see to make something move, you can give them the full set so that they have something to fall back on to practice more skills.

Finding A Good Magic Kit

There are a lot of good magic kits you can find in toy shops in your area. But if you want the full collection available in the market today, then you might want to try out looking for a magic kit set for your kids on the Internet. Not only that, some of these sites offers great discounts so that you wont have to strain your budget just to get your kid started on magic tricks.

Look For One With A Tutorial

The best magic kits are those that come with a tutorial. Instead of having to read a book to learn the trick, you can purchase those that come with a free CD/DVD of a master performing the trick to give your child a visual application of their set. Whether its magic cards, coins and money, or illusion; their success with the magic trick will depend on who is teaching them -- and a professional magician can do that easy.

William W. Teho, Jr from D-Lite - Magic Kits.

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