Sunday, October 30, 2011

Choosing the Best Magic Trick

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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If you can perform magic tricks you may want to improve. Even if you already have a best magic trick you can go further. There are many tricks to learn. You don't have to stop discovering new trick to do. A good way to decide which trick is your best is to ask other people. But don't be surprised if each one has a different favorite. Even accomplished magicians are always looking for new ways to interpret old tricks. An example of a manual that can be used by a beginner and an expert is the 'Master Mentalist' program. This is a manual that has something for everyone. If you are a beginner you can put together a suitable program of tricks. This will keep your own social circle asking for more.

A best magic trick may be the one you enjoy the most. Or it can be the one that others enjoy the most. You can be sure adults and children alike want to see magic performed. Adults love watching and then trying to figure out just how you do it. Kids usually just believe in magic and get caught up in what you are doing. The more tricks you can do using everyday objects the easier it will be for you. If you are not a professional the last thing you want to do is spend money on expensive props. Or props that are big and heavy. You should only have to carry out items like cards and coins. Other items that are popular with magicians are scarves and flowers. But if you know how to do a trick you will be able to improvise as you can go along.

It's really just a matter of seeing what other people enjoy. But usually if you enjoy a trick then other people will. A best magic trick will probably evolve over time. Once you know how to go a bout a trick you can modify it to become your own special trick.

Bob Senton is the director of popular blog CoolMagicTricksOnline.Com. He is an expert on magic tricks and his blog provides stacks of information on things like cards magic tricks and much more. Get free tips when you visit his site today!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Magic Tricks to Learn Fast

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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There is a great deal of interest in magic and mentalism. This is due to the amazing performances by people like David Blaine and Derren Brown. Not only do they do tricks but they can do mind reading and hypnotism. They have also concentrated on street magic. This has been so popular it's been turned into a TV show. The public are amazed because they are able to perform magic wherever they are, even in the street using people who are passersby. If you want to become a magician you will have to find magic tricks to learn. This is to be found in 'Master Mentalism'.

'Master Mentalism' is a comprehensive package put together for the use of anyone who wants magic tricks to learn. This is the only way to learn magic in a new way. Professional magicians tended not to share their expertise and secrets with anyone other than magicians. They guarded their secrets. But 'Master Mentalism' reveals many tips in order to turn you into a magician. Another gripe the professionals have is that because of this new method you are able to learn trick very quickly. There's not hours and hours of practice involved. The instructions are plain and simple. You will understand all the details.

Just because it has been made easy for you does not mean the tricks are any less exciting. If you want magic tricks to learn fast and still be exciting then a good manual is necessary. No matter how much you may enjoy executing the tricks you still want your audience to be thrilled by the experience. A magician is only as good as how his or her audience perceives it. It's not the simplicity of the learning method it's the skill of the magician. You can have this skill using the newest method.

Bob Senton is an expert on magic tricks and the director of popular blog CoolMagicTricksOnline.Com. He provides honest information and advice on things like kids magic tricks and more. Check out his blog for more info!

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Easy Coin Magic Tricks For Any Occasion

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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The truth is that most coin magic tricks are not, in fact, tricks. They require an incredible amount of skill and practice on the part of the performer to perfect. After all, the hand is quicker than the eye. And coin magic tricks are all about simple slight of hand and misdirection.

In this article we will be taking a look at some of the simplest and most common coin tricks.

The French Drop

This is probably the most popular coin trick of all time. It begins when the magician shows the coin to the audience. This must be a coin that is large enough and shinny enough for the audience to see. Your best bet is to use an ordinary quarter or a half-dollar. These coins are easy to observe, especially if you are wearing white gloves.

Then you simply hold the coin in your left hand and pretend to grab it with the right hand. But instead of taking hold of it, the coin is left to drop into the left palm where the magician quickly conceals it from the audience. Lastly, he shakes and waves the right hand and reveals that the coin has vanished. Afterward, he may make it reappear from behind the ear or from the nose of an audience member or assistant.

Though coin tricks can be performed by anyone, they do, as we mentioned, require quite a bit of practice as well as close attention to detail. While the techniques may be simple, it takes talent and skill to pull them off flawlessly. And that is generally the difference between a good trick and a bad trick. In the end it often comes down to skill.

Another great thing about coin magic tricks is that they get others involved in the trick, and that is exactly what you want to break the ice and get a conversation started. All you have to do is ask someone to borrow some silver and you can perform a number of coin magic tricks.

And make no mistake about it an experienced magician can do quite a bit with a simple coin. He can make it disappear and reappear at will. He can find change behind someone's ear, in their nose or even in their shoes. Of course, all of these tricks use basic techniques like palming, misdirection and slight of hand, but that doesn't make them any less impressive.

Earlier we explained the French Drop because it is one of the most reliable coin tricks that utilize many of the skills it takes to perform a successful coin magic trick. The truth is that if you can master a standard trick like the French Drop, then you are probably ready for bigger and better things. And, as we mentioned, magic is all about mastering a few basic techniques that you can then build on and later perform some of the more challenging and exotic tricks.

So practice the basics like the French Drop and before very long you'll make change vanish faster than a New York City toll booth.

Simon Macdonald writes about Perfect Magic Tricks here and at

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Learn Coin Magic Tricks

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Many of us are aware of card tricks. They are a lot of fun to watch. But there's also something special about tricks using a coin. Magic trick enthusiasts usually do start developing their skill by using a coin or two. Like cards, coins are also easy to carry. And anyway, we always have a coin or two in a purse or pocket. Do you remember how exciting it was to get a coin from a magician who magically pulled one from behind our ear or even the very air? That excitement will never leave children and there's always a new generation of children to take over from the last. For those who are really keen and want to make a career out of entertaining children will need to know more than one coin magic trick.

The excitement for a child is the magical appearance of a coin. Magic tricks take much quicker to learn if you understand exactly what to do. Learning this kind of magic trick must be understood in stages. You practice each stage and then put them all together and you have a trick. All tricks are a lot easier if you make use of the right instructions. You can use a complete online package to become a magician. Once you know the basics there is not reason why you can't think up new tricks that will be exclusively your own. But it is important to get a really good foundation. This means starting all the old standards that are so extremely popular such as the coin magic trick.

You can use any coin when doing your trick. But of course any child loves to get a coin that is as shiny as possible. These are the little touches that make a trick as magical as it should be. The smiles and looks of wonder will make it all worthwhile.

Bob Senton used to work as a magician. He has long since stopped turning tricks and is now running his own consultancy firm. Nevertheless, Bob continues his life-long affair with magic in his blog CoolMagicTricksOnline.Com. Get free tips on where to learn cool magic tricks and more. Check out his blog for more info!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

2 Very Simple Magic Mind Reading Tricks That Anyone Can Do to Astonish People

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Remember that any good trick, regardless of whether they are magic mind reading tricks, simple illusions, or any other type of trick, all depend on presentation. Even the most amazing trick without the proper presentation and presence from the magician will be poorly accepted by the audience. However, the best magic mind reading tricks are those that are well rehearsed, and have great delivery.

The first of the 2 very simple magic mind reading tricks I will teach you is called "Magic Card Mind Reader." To prepare for this trick you will need to take a deck of cards and cut a square hole in the back of the card box in the bottom right corner. It should be just large enough to see the card number and suit.

Take the deck of cards out of the box with side of the box with the hole in it facing downward so no one can see the hole. Hand the cards to a spectator and have them shuffle the cards as often as they would like and then memorize the bottom card.

While holding the card box, ask the person to slide the cards back into the box without allowing you to see the bottom card in anyway. They will naturally place the cards back in the deck in a way that will keep you from seeing the bottom card, but place it in the box so you can use your "secret hole" to read the card.

Now hold the box out in front of you, and even tap your forehead a few times. Milk this as much as possible as you concentrate to try and read the spectators mind and figure out the card. Be sure no one is standing behind you as you do this or they will see the secret of your trick. When you feel the time is right, tell them the name of the card. Remember it's all about presentation when doing the trick.

The second trick is very quick and simple and it is called "The Amazing Psychic Number." This trick will take a little bit of preparation and you will need the help of someone in the audience. It's a very simple and tricky magic trick, but if done properly can amaze an audience.

Begin by selecting your helper to leave the room. Once they are gone, ask the audience to pick a number between 1 and 10. Once the number has been chosen, your "secret helper" is brought back into the room and up to you, the magician.

Now, you tell the spectator to place his fingers on your temples as you look deeply into one another's eyes. This is where the secret comes in. You begin to squeeze your teeth together, or clench your teeth the number of times related to the number that was chosen.

The helper will feel your facial muscles tense as you do this and will be able to count how many times you clench your teeth together telling him the number. Again, milk this as much as possible with the presentation. The better you are at the presentation, the more amazing it is to the audience.

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Magic Tricks Revealed - The Secret of Great Magic

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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So you want magic tricks revealed? You want to know what the great secret behind great magic is? You want magic tricks revealed to you so that you can go out and astonish people with amazing performances and powerful tricks. Well, you have come to the right place, but the secret you are looking for about magic tricks revealed isn't at all what you think it is. This is what makes it such an amazing secret over all, and why magicians for centuries have been so successful.

First of all, many of us have been lead to believe that the secret is in the tricks. It's not at all in the tricks, but instead, in the magician himself. The trick is just the appearance, the show, the thing people interact with. It is the magicians way of interacting with the world.

Just as a book itself isn't very useful. It's the story in the book, the combination of the black ink that puts together an image and a story line that makes the book powerful and useful. The magic trick is just the tool that the magician uses, while it is the magician himself that is the big secret behind everything.

You must learn how people's minds work. You have to understand how they perceive reality, the world around them, how they perceive you, and especially how they want to perceive all of those things. This is the big secret, the real key to all magic tricks revealed to anyone through out history. You must be able to step into their minds, and direct their minds in the direction they want it to go, in order to entertain them.

The trick itself can be very ordinary, and we have seen magicians who use very ordinary card tricks, or magic tricks in their show. Yet we are left in awe and completely entertained by the end of the show. It is your presence as a magician that makes all the difference in your shows, and you must learn to direct peoples minds.

People want to be fooled. They may not admit it, and they may even come to your show to try and figure out how you do it. But the reality of life is that people want to be fooled. They want to believe that life is bigger, greater, and more grand than it really is. That is the power behind magic.

The better you get at offering this experience to people, and the better you get at your presentation of this experience, the more successful you will be overall. The greatest magicians through out history gave people hope. Hope that they could be better and bigger than they were. That life could be more magical and incredible than it is.

Offer people this hope, understand how they view the world, and move both their hope and their view in the right direction, and you will have all the secrets you need for great magic. It's not magic tricks revealed that are as important as the presentation and power of your presence in the trick that matters.

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How to Do Magic Tricks - Learning Magic Tricks For Beginners

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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If there is one skill that any person would love to possess it would definitely fall on how to do magic tricks.

Learning how to perform magic tricks plays as one of the most enticing and enjoyable talent that should be honed for different ways and purposes.

There are various kinds of magic tricks that a person new to magic tricks can learn. One is magic card tricks which are known to be the most common and widely held trick that mainly uses cards.

Doing this would require a skillful and fast hand as you shuffle cards. Remember that when you do card tricks, presence of mind and take care not to be obvious to your spectators as you perform your magic trick is definitely a must.

Thus, there is a need for constant practice in honing this kind of skill as it requires fast and nimble hands and the potential for errors is very high.

On the other hand, large scale tricks are considered to be harmful and oftentimes deadly that require experienced and professional magicians. These kinds of tricks are mostly done by the world renowned magician David Copperfield. This primarily uses the trick of sawing a woman into pieces placed in a wooden box that would certainly play every audience's imagination.

Learning how to do magic tricks require complexities yet, if you are really determined in making this skill into different heights, doing an extensive study regarding different magic tricks are essential.

You can start off by learning the simplest tricks to the most complicated ones as you go through a step by step process in learning magic tricks.

Click here to learn how to do magic tricks. Learn simple magic tricks for beginners so you can learn in under a day.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Natural Tricks You Can Apply For Quicker Hair Growth

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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As a kid I used to love to watch magicians perform magic tricks. They were so captivating to me as the magician would take a hat that was completely empty and make a flock of dovers continue to fly out of it.

As I got older I started to lose hair and boy how I wished I could have a magician make my hair start to grow back. But of course these things are imaginary and hair loss is something very serious and real. No magic involved with that.

Fortunately you can actually do something about the loss of your hair. It's not a magic trick, yet it will really get your hair growing back to its maximum potential.

Ever considered what would happen to you if you lack blood circulation in a certain part of your body? Of course you can picture that it would lead to some very serious complications in your health. Even more than likely kill you.

Well looking at your hair from this standpoint, you'll see that it's no different. Your follicles require a steady flow of blood in order to feed them what they need which are nutrients to grow.

If you suffer from a receding hairline, this could be your biggest downfall. So you need to get more blood flowing in that particular area. What you can do is grab some essential oils like jojoba, henna, and lavender.

Start massaging these into your scalp for about 15 minutes using your fingertips. Try to make this a regular routine about two to three times a week.

There's a dirty little hidden secret that 90% of those losing hair have no idea exists. Want in on it so you can have more hair naturally?

Grab the secret and more tips by downloading your FREE report here: Unique Guide to Fighting Hair Loss

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What Are Mentalism Tricks?

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Recently there has been an increase in the popularity of mentalism tricks. Much of this is related to the recent rise in fame of magicians David Blaine and Criss Angel. These famous magicians are able to walk up to strangers on the street and perform mentalism tricks, leaving their audiences completely shocked and amazed. The tricks are performed at such a high level that all of the people that are gathered around watching have completely no idea how they pulled it off.

Mentalism tricks are different from your average magic trick. While a coin trick or card trick can be learned in the matter of minutes, mentalism tricks can take days, weeks, or even months to completely master. One of the most famous tricks is the levitation trick. While everyone who sees the trick is usually aware that is impossible to actually levitate, if you know the trick well enough you are still able to trick the audience into believing that you are actually levitating off the ground with no outside assistance. A lot of this is about placement of the audience. You have to keep the people watching seated in a manner that is beneficial to the illusion that you are doing.

While levitation is a very common act that most magicians are able to pull off, there are many much more complex mentalism tricks. David Blaine does many other more famous tricks and stunts. One of his most famous attempts was when he tried to stay under water for a world record nine minutes. Unfortunately, there was no sleight of mind or trickery involved in this stunt. The body can be trained to hold your breath for up to two minutes in a relatively short amount of time. He actually went through a great deal of pain in order to not only hold his breath for nine minutes, but to break free from 150 pounds of chains at the conclusion of the task.

When mentalism tricks are properly executed, they are often the most popular tricks that can be executed. They involve a great deal of practice, as well as trial and error to be properly done. Now, with the information that is available on the internet, it is much easier to do mentalism tricks. There are step by step guides that clearly explain to you exactly what you need to do to perform these sleight of minds. While there is still a great deal of practice and time put into mastering these tricks, they are not much more attainable than they used to be.

With a little work, you can amaze your friends with mentalism tricks. There is a great degree of satisfaction when you are able to convince your audience that you just made the impossible, possible. You can leave them wondering for days how you were able to levitate right in front of their very eyes. This is the beauty of mentalism tricks.

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My Favorite Hobby - Learn to Do Magic

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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All the time, people of all ages decided it is time to learn to do magic. Who wouldn't think that learning magic is a great idea? Everyone loves to see a good magic trick. Many people are amused by things that they can't figure out. It is a good challenge for them. Also, there is that certain sense of achievement that you get when you are able to completely fool everyone in the room. It is great when you completely trick everyone in the room and they are dying to see your trick just one more time so they can figure it out.

The internet has opened up endless amounts of ways to learn to do magic. Simply by visiting YouTube you are able to see and endless amount of magic tricks and tutorials on how to perform them. Sure, no great magician is just going to willingly give away all of their best tricks on a YouTube site, but still YouTube is a great place to learn some simple magic tricks. After you learn some of the more basic magic tricks, you can even put your own spin on it and make it different from the same tricks everyone has seen for years. YouTube also has videos of some of the best and most famous magicians in the world doing their best tricks. Sure, the best magicians in the world will not just dish out their most popular magic tricks, but you can watch them over and over until you are able to figure out exactly how they did it.

Another great way to learn how to do magic is by taking a simple trip to the public library. There are many books on magic. There are even biographies about some of the most famous magicians that you may or may not be too young to remember. I always enjoy reading a biography about magicians because of their often quirky personalities. If you have never seen or read anything about Henry Houdini, then a trip to the library can provide you with many hours of entertaining reading. Also, there are many books at the library that will teach you coin tricks and card tricks. Some people have trouble learning tricks by reading, opposed to watching videos, but the books contain very detailed instructions loaded with pictures of each step of the trick.

With the easy accessibility of information that will help you learn how to do magic, it is very simple to get started learning easy magic tricks. You can sit down and learn a few simple card tricks that will impress children and adults the same. All you need to do is open up a book or load up your internet browser. There is no replacement for the feeling that you get from the amazed look that a child gives you after you just stunned them with one of your magic tricks. I have already done a good bit of work in establishing myself as "the cool uncle" to my nephew with a few simple coin tricks.

Looking for the best way to Learn to do Magic?

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