Friday, September 23, 2011

The Magic Secrets Are No Secret Anymore

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Magic holds a fascination over all young and old alike. As adult human beings we sadly lack the simple credulity of children and are extremely cynical about anything that does not conform to our sense of logic. One great charm of magic is that it brings out the child in us, which wonders at the magician: oh my God how did he do that!

When somebody performs a magic trick in front of us, we know in our hearts what the magician just did is impossible, but we have to believe the impossible as it just happened in front of our very eyes. It is for nothing that magic, one of the oldest performing arts in human history, is still as popular as before.

Now, if you were given a guidebook, which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to perform some awe-inspiring but simple magic tricks, how would you feel? Just imagine you are attending a party and you perform some magic tricks that you have just learnt. I am sure that the guests will press forward with eager curiosity to see your tricks and you will become an immediate celebrity among your acquaintances before the party is over.

Even if you are a practicing magician, you need to learn new tricks constantly to keep up the curiosity of your admiring spectators. Most magicians have a few tricks for which they are famous. Remember the famous levitation trick of David Copperfield. However, other than these classic tricks, which everybody loves and would expect to see, you need to constantly include new tricks to your magic show.

It is now easy to learn magic secrets with many excellent guides on magic tricks available on the Internet. There are many magicians, hypnotherapists and mentalists who compile e-books with step-by-step instructions to perform magic tricks and sell them at very reasonable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your magic tricks e-book today and mesmerize your friends with your new talent.

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Trying to Learn Easy Magic? Here's How to Get Started

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Learn Easy Magic

As beginners, most magicians are simply looking to learn easy magic.  Maybe you just want to learn a few tricks that to impress your friends, or maybe if you are a man you are looking for a few tricks to capture the attention of a few ladies.  No matter what the reason is, there are quite a few easy tricks that if pulled off properly will be quite impressive.

Card tricks are a very good place to start for a new magician.  Many of these tricks are simple, but once you master them you can move onto more difficult ones.  It is important to achieve complete mastery of your tricks before you move on to the next one.  Simply doing the trick one or two times and moving onto the next is not good enough.  It needs to be practiced and practiced until it is second nature.  Also, performing your tricks in front of a live audience is very different from doing it in your bedroom by yourself.  Before you take your act in front of a live audience of strangers, practice the tricks in front of someone you are familiar with, such as your parents or your significant other.  Once you are able to pull them off in front of friends and family without a problem, then it is time to take your act to the streets.  Remember, though, it is very different doing a magic trick in front of your mother than it is to do it in front of that special someone you are looking to impress.  Just remember to remain calm and have a good time and you will be fine.

Another great way to learn easy magic is with coin tricks.  Most everyone has seen the disappearing coin trick, but it is still impressive for kids or people that are not very familiar with magic.  Like card tricks, coin tricks also are of varying degrees.  There are some coin tricks that can be learned and mastered within a matter of minutes, while others are very difficult and can take several hours or even days to master. 

When you are beginning to learn easy magic tricks, it is important to set up your tricks well.  As a beginner, your tricks might not be the best or most exciting, but if you are able to set them up and create anticipation and interest from your audience it makes your tricks much more captivating.  This is even true for the most advanced magicians.  Some of the most famous and renowned magicians are true masters of creating suspense for the audience. 

When you are learning new magic tricks, remember why you are learning magic.  You are learning for fun!  Do not get too angry when you have trouble learning a trick.  If you become too frustrated, move onto another trick or even go do something else for a while.  Magic is all about having fun, not getting angry and frustrated.  When you are able to do your tricks, you get to bring enjoyment and excitement to your audience.  That is the best reward for being able to pull off a great trick. 

So now it is time to go out and learn some new magic tricks.  Remember, have fun and use your imagination.  Some of the best magicians in the world have some of the best imaginations in the world.

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How to Learn Magic Tricks - A Guide For the New Magician

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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or someone new to magic, the first question that pops up is often, "Where can I learn new magic tricks?"  There is an endless amount of resources to help you learn magic tricks.  You can learn them in the library, on the internet, on television shows, and DVDs.  In fact, there is so much information out there that it is easy to get caught up in reading about every magic trick there is, instead of actually practicing and mastering the tricks that they are reading about.  Every time you find a trick that you find interesting, practice it until you have it completely mastered.  This way you are learning tricks as you go and you do not just become completely overwhelmed with all of the information you are taking in.

In my opinion, when trying to figure out how to learn magic tricks, the best resource out there is the internet.  There is a vast amount of information on the internet.  You can read about the history of magic all the way up to the most current tricks that are being pulled off by famous street magicians such as David Blaine.  You can find free tricks, most of which are very simple.  You can purchase instructional videos and ebooks online with very advanced tricks in them.  It doesn't matter how much of a novice you are or how much of an expert you are, there is plenty to be learned about on the internet regarding magic.  YouTube is a great source for watching and learning magic tricks.  Many popular magicians have videos of some of their tricks on YouTube.  Some even have tutorials that show you exactly how to do their tricks.  You should definitely check out YouTube for a vast amount of material related to magic.

At this day and age, believe it or not, the library is still a very strong reference point regarding magic.  Some libraries even allow members to rent out instructional DVDs about magic.  For those interested in the history of magic, the public library is as good of a place as any to find all the literature that you crave.  The best part about using the library as a resource for learning about magic, is that it is completely free.

All most all fans of magic love to watch their favorite magician pull off magic tricks on television.  With the recent increase of popularity in street magic, there has been a lot more magic on television.  Criss Angel and David Blaine have brought a lot of publicity and mainstream news attention to magic.  David Blaine's stunts on television were some of the highest rated programs on television for the year 2008.  Criss Angel's show "Mindfreak" was also a very popular television show.

When you are attempting to figure out how to learn to magic tricks, make sure you remember the most important aspect of all.  Have fun!  If you are struggling with a trick, forget about it and try a new one.  Do not let it get you down, focus on the tricks that are the most fun to learn and execute.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is There Such a Thing As "Easy to Learn" Magic Tricks?

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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When someone first discovers an interest in magic, at the beginning it is wise for them to attempt some easy to learn magic tricks. These tricks can still be very captivating to the viewer if they are delivered in the proper manner. While you might want to be able to do some very advanced tricks like David Blaine or Criss Angel, it is wise to start with something easier. Those two men are trained professionals that have been practicing magic for years. You have to learn to crawl before you walk.

If you are embarrassed to try your basic magic tricks on people, then show them to children. It is much easier to impress children than it is adults. Many times, when you do your tricks for children, you are exposing them to magic for the first time. This is always a new and exciting time for children. They become excited when they get to pick a card and wait for you to see if you can find it in the deck. Doing the tricks for children is also a good way for you to work on your delivery of the tricks, because children are less likely to pick up on exactly how you are pulling off your magic tricks.

While you are preparing your magic trick, it is important to use "patter" to distract your viewers. Patter is what you say to your viewers to distract them while you are preparing your trick. This is a good way to build up the anticipation for the trick and to keep them from focusing on exactly what you are doing to prepare. Patter is a very important aspect of being a magician. Be careful to keep your patter from sounding like pointless rambling. This is definitely an aspect that cannot be overlooked and definitely needs to be practiced in the mirror.

Once you do the trick, refuse to do the trick for them again. This way, they are less likely to pick up on what you did to trick them. If they are wondering how you did the trick, they will come away more impressed by your show. If you are in front of the same audience two times, be sure not to do the exact same tricks again. They will be much more likely to catch onto the trick if they get to see it a second time. Also, it is good to use people in the crowd as props for your show. If you are unable to do this, use a coin or another object from someone in the crowd.

There are many ways to find easy to learn magic tricks. Once you find them, try to master them and move on to the next one as quickly as possible. It is important to move through the easy to learn magic tricks quickly so you can move on to bigger and better tricks. Just learning some easy magic tricks will give you the ability to become the hit of your child's birthday or a way to impress all of your friends at school. Magic is a treat for all ages.

Looking for Easy to Learn Magic Tricks?

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Free Magic Tricks - Where to Find Them

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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When you're just starting out, it can be very easy to spend a lot of money of various tools of the magician's trade. Then add the expense of buying training materials, and all of a sudden you can spend heaps without even having learnt a trick!

The good news is that you can start learning to be a magician with free magic tricks. And if you choose carefully, you can choose magic tricks that don't require a whole lot of props, or only need things you probably already have around your house. This is certainly the case with card tricks.

So where do you find free magic tricks? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

- the library
- the internet
- friends

With so much information available at your fingertips on the internet, sometimes it's easy to forget your local library. Most library networks will have at least a few magic trick books in their catalogue. This can be a really good starting point, because you can flip through the book, pick a trick or two that you like the look of and which don't require a lot of props, and then have a go at performing them. A magic book is a much easier way of checking out a whole lot of options you've possibly never even thought of, then using that information to search the internet for free information or videos about those particular tricks.

The internet is an obvious place to find free magic tricks. With so much information available, it's pretty easy to find something. Just do a basic search and you'll come up with loads of options. Of course, it may be better if you have an idea of what sort of free magic trick you'd like to find, so that you can target your search more effectively. For example, search for free magic card tricks, if that's what interests you.

The other great thing about the internet is You Tube. There are a huge number of videos there that you can watch for free. Again, if you can be a little more specific in your search request, you can avoid wasting hours trawling through amateur videos that won't teach you anything. You should be able to find a few instructional videos if you keep your eyes open.

Finally, it might be worth asking your friends if they have any experience with magic, or perhaps have a relative who does. If you can locate a magician who's willing to spend an hour or two helping you master some basic tricks for free, then you've really struck gold.

Learning to be a magician is a wonderful way to build your self confidence and entertain friends and family. So if you can try it out for minimum cost with the help of a few free magic tricks, you will soon work out if magic is for you without spending a fortune.

If you want to discover more about free magic tricks, click over to Gordon's site at

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Master Magic Tricks in an Easy Way

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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You may be a great singer or dancer and be the center of attention in any party or family gathering by virtue of your talent, but one performance that will surely make everybody drop whatever they are doing and press forward to watch with eager curiosity is a magic trick. Children as well as adult people look up to a magician as a unique being who is able to perform the incredible.

However, don't be fooled by the effortless manners of performing magic tricks of the professional magicians as it is never very easy to show a trick and not being found out by a sharp-eyed, intelligent individual lurking among your spectators.

Does this mean you will not be able to master great magic tricks to entertain your friends and to woo the opposite sex? Absolutely not, as there are many excellent guides available in the market, which can teach you many magic tricks in easy ways. Master Mentalism is a good example of such a manual that comes in the form of a PDF book, which you can download in your computer easily.

Now, mentalism is a very interesting field of magic that deals with mind reading, clairvoyance, telepathy, mind control, hypnosis and many such psychological tricks. One good example of mentalism is to ask for a volunteer from the audience and hypnotizing him/her after which he/she will be able to tell what the magician is writing on a board even when the subject is blindfolded. Master Mentalism approaches mentalism in a way that it is easier for amateur magicians learn about this complex area of magic easily.

Master Mentalism also contains chapters on hypnosis, levitation and David Copperfield tricks. There are exclusive interviews of two famous magicians David Blain and Criss Angel, which will be a great help for any amateur magician to learn different subtleties of mannerisms that help magicians win over the spectators. If you are looking for the most basic tricks to start with, and to slowly graduate to more complex illusions Master Mentalism can be a very good guide for you.

If you would like to learn how to do the exact same mentalism and magic tricks you see on television by Criss Angel, Derren Brown & David Blaine, be sure to visit

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Street Magic Secrets Revealed

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Skeptics went on an overdrive to dissect the act when David Blain levitated on television. They came to the conclusion that it was a Balducci effect and there was nothing supernatural or inexplicable about it.

It was all about mentalism where an illusion is created to make something look supernatural when in effect it was just a sleight of hand or a street magic trick. The idea of revealing the secrets of David Blain is not limited to skeptics only, but gurus of magic have also come up with the closely guarded secrets of magicians who had over the ages created illusions. It was rubbing salt into their wounds as the online guides to magic secrets and how to master mentalism are available at a very small price.

Compared to what the magicians had to pay to learn the tricks firsthand, the price for the online guides to master mentalism are absolutely peanuts. Street magic requires connectivity to the minds of the audience and it is not possible without mastery of mentalism. It enables you to read the minds of the audience. It is only then that you can make them assume what you want them to assume. Soon after the street magic trick is over, you will hear the act lauded as supernatural and mind blowing.

Audiences add to the extra bit for not being able to understand the finer points of mastery of mentalism. It begins with the reading of the mind and also conversation, physical movements, body language and eye movements to distract the audience from the task the magician is busy with.

Usually, the magician misdirects the audience by engaging them in lighthearted banter, veering their attention elsewhere while he performs the magic tricks and levitates or does other sleight of the hand acts that appear supernatural. Street magic secrets are revealed online for you to try and replicate the feats of magicians. You need to master mentalism and make things appear to the audience as something supernatural.

Street magic secrets are revealed online and they are crucial to learn as they are impromptu magic secrets, quickly conjured up.

If you would like to learn how to do the exact same mentalism and magic tricks you see on television by Criss Angel, Derren Brown & David Blaine,be sure to visit

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Magic Secrets - An Insider's Guide

How To Do Street Magic Like Criss Angel And David Blaine!

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Many guidebooks are available on the Internet to teach magic tricks to amateur magicians. However, most of these contain tricks that are already well known and don't live up to your expectation. It actually takes an insider to divulge the real secrets behind the most powerful magic tricks ever performed. This is what Master Mentalism, the new best selling e-book on magic tricks claim to achieve.

Ryan Clark, the author of the book, has taken help from a Mr. X, in order to compile an amazing collection of tricks and illusions. This e-book is for people who do not want to research for year after year to collect different magic tricks from multiple sources. You should be able to become a master magician within one week of reading this book.

Now, this 'Mr. X' factor indeed sets this guide apart from other magic trick manuals. This book contains the never-before-published secrets behind many David Copperfield tricks including his vanishing the Statue of Liberty act! You will also learn about illusions performed by Criss Angel, David Blaine and Derren Brown. Master Mentalism will teach you metalism tricks, street magic, spoon bending, mind reading, hypnotism, card tricks, levitation, remote viewing and much more. All lessons are given in very lucid language so that you can easily follow and practice them. This e-book is also designed to be ultimately user-friendly.

While most e-books on magic just brush the surface of the vast world of magic, with Magic Mentality you will actually be able to dive much deeper and come up with such jewels that you cannot even imagine. Most magic tricks described here are so simple that you will wonder you never found them out yourself. At the same time the brilliance of the ideas will overwhelm you, as you know the same tricks have been performed time after time in front of thousands of people without anybody's having any clue about how the magician is doing them. Therefore, if you would like to know the insider's secret of illusions, Master Mentalism should be your first choice.

If you would like to learn how to do the exact same mentalism and magic tricks you see on television by Criss Angel, Derren Brown & David Blaine,be sure to visit

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